East Hampton Tent Application Process


Wondering how we take care of tent permit applications with the East Hampton Fire Marshall? There are a few steps for the permit application, and our tent specialists can walk you through it.

When you do need a tent permit in East Hampton? You’ll need a permit for any tent larger than 400 square feet, or a 20′ x 20′ tent. We take care of most of the process and paperwork, although for parties for more than about 40 guests, you’ll need to do some work as well.

The first order of business will be for the Property Owner to complete a Special Event Permit. You can find the various permits depending on the size of your event through this link.

We can begin work on your Tent Permit once your Special Event Permit is completed, notarized, and filed with the town. Follow this link to take a look at the permit itself.

There is are fees associated with filing the Tent Permit, our Tent rental specialists will price that for you on the invoice.