Four Things We Didn’t Know About Acacia Wood

Please B Seated is proud to present our new Acacia Wood Trays made by Pacific Merchant Trading Company. But wait, you ask, what is acacia wood anyway?

We had  noticed acacia wood floors popping up in home decor magazines, and had seen the wood used in kitchen products like bowls and cutting boards. We knew the wood was sustainable and renewable but wanted to know more.

Here’s what we found out:

1. Acacia is an incredible light-weight but strong and hard wood, making it perfect for kitchen, cooking, and serving items.

2. Acacia wood is naturally resinous, so acacia wood items will resist penetration by liquids and will not pick up odors or stains.

3. There are believed to be over 1000 different species of Acacia trees and shrubs, but only a few types are appropriate for use in home products.

4. Acacia wood is believed to have made quite a few notable appearances throughout history. It is thought to be the wood used to build Egyptian coffins, the Ark of the Covenant, and Noah’s Ark.