Planning a Fall Micro Event


Avorio Champagne Pearl Flatware, Heirloom Plates, Whitewash Rattan Charger, White Goblet, Pink Carousel Goblet, Rose Velvet Tablecloth, and Gold Cotton Napkin.

When hosting smaller events, detailed party rentals can really make your design pop.

Start with a color base, such as the rose / gold / cream pairing from your florals and linens. In this case our tablecloth is a Velvet “Rose” and our Napkin is a “Gold” Spun Cotton.

Hudson Valley events, perfectly paired with party rental deliveries.

Once you have your linen base, it’s time to bring in some the cream colors. In this case, the event planner used our Avorio Pearl Flatware, Whitewash Rattan Charger, and Heirloom Linen Plates.

Finally, it’s time to choose our glassware, which in this case our water glass is our Pink Carousel Goblet. Pairing that with our White Goblet.

Blue, Pink, Amber, Olive, Amethyst Carousel Goblets. The beauty of these items is the variety of colors, which can fit different accents.

Check out our party rental items for more options! Or book an appointment at one of our New York showrooms to see items in person.