Legacy Frame Tent

A step up from the traditional Twin Tube or Navi Trac. These premium frame tents have curved lines, boast aerodynamic qualities and an innovative look that is sure to draw the eye of anyone in the event industry.

Combining the advantages of frame tents and clear span structures, this product will no doubt add value to anyone’s tent rental needs.

Features include kedered roofs and walls, curved beam arches, rigid connectors and frame assembly without any nuts or bolts.

Please B Seated’s Legacy Frame tents come in the following widths:

20′ Wide, 30′ Wide, and 50′ wide. The ends are Gabled.

The top of the tent is made of thick industrial vinyl. Available in White Top or Clear Top. The Clear Top Legacy is amongst our most premium tent rental options.

Rental subject to availability. Please consult with your event specialist.

Not sure what you need? Contact our Event Specialists.