Round Folding Tables


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Round Folding Tables


30″ high, round banquet folding table rentals. Plywood top with easily foldable metal legs which lock into place. Great for dining tables, as they create an ease of conversation for your event’s guests.

Folding Round Tables by Diameter: 48″ (seats 6-8), 54″ (seats 7-9), 60″ (seats 8-10) , 66″ (seats 9-11), 72″ (seats 10-12), 84″ (seats 12-14)

These tables are designed to be paired with linen.

Not sure what size linen to pair with your tables? Check out our linen size guide.

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48", 54", 60", 66", 72", 84"

Rental subject to availability. Please consult with your event specialist.

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