Sail Cloth Tent

It’s name deriving literally from the materials used in sailboats. Sail Cloth Tents are a personal favorite of Please B Seated. Nothing quite beats a Long Island summer wedding or event with a flowy sailcloth. The tents are a polygonal shape with a walnut wood pole supporting the perimeter every ten feet. There are a varying number of centers poles supporting the peak of the structure depending on the size of your tent.

Sail Cloth Tents must be staked and are ideal for a flat grassy surface. They do require an extra ten feet of perimeter around the tent to be staked properly.

Sail Cloth Tents can be outfitted with 10′ side walls, dance floors or full flooring, string lights, lanterns, heating or cooling. We also do offer leg drapes, but the natural wood of the poles is also attractive.

We currently offer the following sizes, please note the below sizes are the measurements of the maximum width and length of each tent:

32′ x 32′, 32′ x 52′, 32′ x 72′,

44′ x 43′, 44′ x 63′, 44′ x 83′, 44′ x 103′.

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Product subject to availability. Please consult with your event specialist.

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