Aurora Sail Cloth Tent

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Aurora Sail Cloth Tent

Aurora Sail Cloth Tents have become a client favorite, as nothing quite beats a summer wedding with an airy, flowy Sail Cloth. The tents are an oval shape with a steel reinforced walnut wood poles supporting the perimeter every ten feet, with taller Queen and King centers poles supporting the peak of the structure. The top is a thick water resistant Sail-like fabric. There is a translucent quality to the fabric at night when the tent is lit from the interior.

These pole tents must be staked and are ideal for a large flat grass surface. They require a 10′ staking perimeter around the tent.

Sail Cloth Tents can be outfitted with 10′ side walls, dance floors or full flooring, string lights, lanterns, heating or cooling. They are a great choice for a range of guest counts, and can be a cost effective option while adding an aesthetic quality. They don’t need a lot of dressing up to look pretty.

Available in the following widths:

20′ Wide

32′ Wide

45′ Wide

59′ Wide

Rental subject to availability. Please consult with your event specialist.

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