Century Pole Tent

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Century Pole Tent

Century Pole Tents, one the most asked-for-by-name tents in the industry, defy gravity with their smooth, flowing peaks. The top is made of thick white vinyl, with strengthened metallic side and center poles. Century Tents are a tension system best installed on flat grass, and must be staked. They are a cost-effective option to accommodate high guest counts, without skimping on appearances. This makes it the perfect tent for large gatherings, such as graduations, movie film set crew tents, and festivals.

The high peaks and graceful curves of Century Pole Tents accentuate any event and create memories that last a lifetime.

Please B Seated’s Century Pole Tent Widths range from 40’ to 60′. With lengths as long as your event requires. 

Century Pole Tents require a 10′ staking  perimeter around the tent.

Rental subject to availability. Please consult with your event specialist.

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