Velvet is back and more luxurious than ever.

Photo: Velvet as seen in the Telegraph, InStyle, and Glamour. 

Velvet is back.

But the classic, cozy fabric is more sophisticated than you remember. Today’s velvet is soft and silky with a bit of shine. We’ve taken inspiration from the fashion runways and created a collection of luxurious velvet tablecloths. We think velvet is perfect for you. And perfect for your table. Particularly for holiday events. We do need at least a week notice for velvet orders.

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Black Velvet
White Velvet
Ivory Velvet
Cashmere Velvet
Mink Velvet
Hunter Velvet
Leaf Velvet
Smoke Velvet
Red Velvet
Merlot Velvet
Rose Velvet
Marine Velvet