Weddings in 2021


A message from our founder, John Dawson.

If you are planning on the wedding of your dreams in 2021 then more then you’ve had a few bumps in the road. Most likely you’re having a “Micro Wedding.” 

Traditional, big weddings have for the moment been postponed, rescheduled or temporarily cancelled due to the pandemic. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are likely to keep smaller guest counts in effect throughout part of 2021. But we have good news — those restrictions put no limitations on creating a memorable event.

A smaller, scaled down celebration offers the opportunity to incorporate all the traditional elements of a big wedding that you envisioned, but doing so within a customized and intimate setting. The first consideration on your plans should be creating a safe environment for your guests to gather.

Each state has implemented various guidelines, and it’s important that your plans fall within those restrictions. Our event specialists at Please B Seated are up-to-date with the latest restrictions and guidelines. 

Tent Rental

A tent either on your own property or at a venue is a solution brides, grooms, and planners are considering frequently during the pandemic. The tent is blank canvas allowing you the ability to create your own personalized space for your celebration. Your tent puts no restrictions on your choice of décor from rustic, informal, and relaxed to genteel, formal and posh. All of which depends on your own style and budget. Importantly, tents can provide you enough space for your guests to safely practice social distancing.

32′ x 32′ Sailcloth Tent, with mini dance floor.

The tenting staff at Please B Seated is ready to assist you with any tenting plans you are considering.

You may also wish to consider holding your nuptials at an event space. There are a number of terrific venues that we work that work with various styles and budgets. Our event specialists can assist with venue recommendations.

Tribeca Rooftop.

This past year has been like no other for us in the event industry. However, we are here to help you discover new ways to create memorable occasions.